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Design Custom Products And Digital Content

Easily design jaw-dropping content and create custom printed products.

PetDesign is capable of extreme detail ranging from wide shots to extreme close ups and macro photography. To try it, choose a plan and start creating. Share designs with your community or place them on our high quality print ready products.

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Saves Time & Money

Eliminates the need for expensive photoshoots and professional editing, while delivering consistent high-quality results.

Boosts Engagement

Captivating pet photos lead to higher social media engagement, sales conversions, and brand loyalty.

Empowers Creativity

Opens doors for endless artistic expression and personalized storytelling without technical limitations.

How it works

Simple & Easy Steps

Choose Product

Select one or more of our handpicked, high quality custom printed products.

Upload Photo

Easily Upload a photo of your pet. Submit images of a single pet or multiple in one image.

Choose Style

Choose from 25+ amazing styles to transform your pet into custom artwork. Receive artwork proof within 24 hours.


AI Design Tools


Quickly and easily create pet art for customized products. Simply upload a photo and choose from one of our 30+ styles.

You only need to upload one image per style, which takes about 7 hours.

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Create video of your pet with simple text prompts. Choose from a wide variety of expert created fine-tuned templates

Upcoming features include longer 10-30 second video clips, and voice scripts allowing the AI character to lip sync.

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PetScenes™ [Beta]

Design any scene you wish, from commonplace to rare, awe-inspiring instances, and create consistent characters from from just a few images.

Simply upload your reference image, describe your desired scene and watch as our AI engine generates a high quality photo that aligns with your vision. Creating photos is fast: right now it takes about 45 seconds per photo.

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PetSwag™ [Beta]

Take any pet clothes or accessories you like from the web and paste them into PetDesign. Our AI engine will seamlessly dress up your pet character with it.

Generate clothing and accessory inspiration for different occasions, and see what colors and styles work well with your pet's personality.

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Pricing Packages


$6.95 /month

25 Tokens

    ✓ Create 1 AI Pet Characters/mo
    ✓ Design Unlimited AI Photos/mo
    ✓ Instant Upscale
    ✓ Limited Image Storage
    ✓ Take up to 4 photos in parallel
    ✓ Write your own prompts w/ manual prompting
    ✓ Self-service support

Best Value POPULAR

$67.95 /year

Unlimited Tokens

    ✓ Everything in Basic +
    ✓ 10% Off POD products
    ✓ Instant Upscale & Image Storage
    ✓ Design Unlimited AI Photos/mo
    ✓ Take up to 4 photos in parallel
    ✓ Priority access, faster response times
    ✓ Available even when demand is high
    ✓ Early access to new features
    ✓ Professional usage license


$12.95 /month

300 Tokens

    ✓ Everything in Standard +
    ✓ 15% Off POD pet products
    ✓ Free Shipping
    ✓ Create 100 AI Pet Characters/mo
    ✓ Design 25,000x AI Pet Photos/mo
    ✓ Take up to 16 photos in parallel

Who we can help

Perfect For Every Use Case

Animal Lovers

Create personalized gifts, and custom pet-themed merchandise like mugs and phone cases. While fueling your social media posts with eye-catching AI photos.

Pet Influencers

Level up your content by generating captivating visuals and concepts for your next post, from stunning backdrops to hilarious scenarios.

Content Creators

Boost your creativity with AI-generated images and story prompts that take your creative projects to new heights while adding humor and animations.

Brands & Marketers

Tap into the emotional power of adorable AI animal imagery to reach your target audience on a deeper level and create viral campaigns.

Rescue Organizations

Capture attention by crafting engaging visual narratives that highlight the bond between rescue animals and their caregivers.

Animal Shelters

Raise awareness with unique campaigns and fundraising materials featuring AI-generated animal art and help find a forever home faster.

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PetDesign for Mobile or Web

Transform any pet photo into stunning artwork, hilarious lip syncs, and animated video with AI. Just one tap and your image can come to life. Show off your pet's unique personality by creating custom pet products and engaging social media content from anywhere.


They Love PetDesign


Great Instagram content

I have been using PetDesign for almost 6 months now, mainly for Instagram. The design studio is so user-friendly and makes my work complete. The PD group on Facebook is super, with lots of tips and tricks and good communication with customer service if there is a problem.

Gabby R.

Pet Influencer


A total gamechanger!

PetDesign has turned my one-bedroom apartment into a professional pet photo studio. Rather than spending hours or thousands of dollars editing photos, PetDesign allows me to create pro photos in seconds, so not only does it make my photos look great, but it’s affordable & efficient.

Alina K.

Content Creator


Fun and Addictive

I love being able to create art from my pet pictures. I sell online, and when I take pictures, it's not always in a clean, uncluttered environment. I like how PetDesign gets rid of all of that and allows me to change the background to something more pleasing to the eye and suitable to place on my website.

Monique V.

Pet Store Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PetDesign AI engine work?

PetDesign's AI engine allows you to transform your pets into AI characters and generate AI artworks effortlessly. Our advanced technology learns their unique features, enabling the creation of photorealistic images. With PetDesign, you have the freedom to place pets in various settings, experiment with different Styles, engage in diverse actions, and express a range of emotions – all from the convenience of your laptop or phone. No need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in an expensive photographer or waste time getting the perfect pose.

Upon signing up, you gain access to our AI engine - the PetDesign studio. This powerful tool offers a range of features, including preset templates for photo shoots, the ability to craft your own prompts with PetScenes™, or even replicate photos of others. Imagination is the only limit – you can generate anything you can envision, all with the ease and accessibility of our platform.

How much does PetDesign cost?

Our AI tools are available with the purchase of a monthly or yearly membership subscription. PetStyle is free with the purchase of products. We currently offer the Beginner plan costs $7.95/mo, the Premium plan $12.95/mo and the Business plan $19.95/mo. Upgrade or cancel at any time.

Is the payment portal secure?

Yes, our payment portal is ultra secure. We use Stripe for financial processing, which is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, encrypted, FDIC insured and has various money transmitter licenses. We do not store any information about your card. Stripe ensures bank-level security standards.

What if I see a bug or issue in the software?

Keeping our tech running at optimum performance is very important to us. If you experience bugs, glitches or other errors please contact us at or our Facebook community group.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We're currently updating our program due to a rise in demand. 25% recurring commission for every customer you refer!

What types of photos should I upload to create an AI pet character?

We recommend uploading photos with high variety, a good mix of close-up selfies and full body shots in different places, angles, and expressions. Do not upload photos with low quality, group photos, other pets/people, sunglasses, hats, photos where your pet's face is cut off or not visible.

What file formats of photos do you accept when creating an AI pet character?

We currently accept JPG, PNG, WebP and AVIF files only. HEIC is not supported, so consider converting those to JPG first

How long will it take to create my AI pet character?

PetStyle products take 24 hours to accurately imitate your pet's features. Based on the current processing times, it takes about 1 day to create an AI character.

Note: For PetScenes and PetSwap, you only need to do this one time per character.

How long does it take to create AI pet photos?

When using the PetDesign studio our current processing times take about 43 seconds to take one photo. Keep in mind you can take up to 16 photos in parallel.

What will you do with my AI pet character images?

We only use your photos to create an AI pet character. You have the choice to share interesting images with the community or keep for yourself. Your data privacy and security are our top priorities.

How much will the images look like my pets?

The resemblance of the photos to your pets depends on the quality and variety of the photos you upload. The better and more varied your photos, the more accurately our AI engine can understand and recreate your pet's unique characteristics. We keep improving our models every day.

Can I use the PetDesign studio to try on clothes and accessories?

Yes! While currently in Beta testing mode, this will allow you to upload any pet clothing/accessories and the character will wear them for you. We are improving this feature by the day and plan to officially launch soon.

Can I create characters of any animal or person?

Our AI engine currently supports training on most animal types, with dogs, cats, birds, and horses being the most popular. We do ask that you refrain from training on people while we enhance our models.

Can I upload photos of kids or minors?

Uploading and or attempting to generate photos of kids or minors is strictly prohibited. Our service is designed for animals. AI results can be unpredictable with children, so it's best to refrain from doing so.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds as costs incurred for creating AI pet characters and generating AI pet photos are extremely high. Our tech stack providers do not let us ask for refunds for the GPU processing time used to create your AI characters and generate your AI photos. During the sign up process you agree to withhold your right to refund for this reason.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by locating your membership setting on the main dashboard or by contacting: